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Big reveal: how much to rent Elie Tahari’s oceanfront Sagaponack home?

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Answers all over the place

Address: 135 Crestview Lane, Sagaponack

Price: $800,000

This one was harder, we guess. The number one answer was $700,000, and the number two was $1,000,000. One commenter wrote, “People rent trophy houses to show off to their friends. Only 3 bedrooms??? If this rents for even $700K I will be amazed.” Mr. Tahari did in fact rent this place for $800,000 this past summer, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he gets that next summer. The place seems gorgeous, if a bit quirky and designed basically for a single person. (Hey, sounds good to us. “Nope, sorry, my guest room is full this weekend. Some other time.”) That dreamy pool and dining pergola would be a wonderful place to spend the summer.