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Amagansett institution Mary’s Marvelous to close

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East Hampton location staying

exterior of bakery storefront Courtesy Douglas Elliman

We’re sad to announce that the original Mary’s Marvelous in Amagansett is closing, with the building and equipment being put up for lease. But fear not, lovers of good coffee, cupcakes and that curried chicken salad: the East Hampton location is remaining. The East Hampton location is a bigger facility and is better equipped to handle production.

Robert Kohr, who’s the agent handling leasing operations for the site, says, "Mary's Marvelous has had great success in this Amagansett Main Street location since opening there in 2002. This is a real opportunity for another smart business to move in and enjoy the opportunities of this prime location." The listing is for the lease of the space and the equipment, and doesn't include the Mary's Marvelous name.

The lease price is $625K, and it’s a prime location, obviously, with lots of foot traffic. “The one story building is 1100 sf, with additional exterior storage space. Interior space is retail and kitchen.” And there’s patio space out back as well.

And of course the place is a celebrity magnet. A friend of ours says, “Oh no! You know I've been in there with Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner and Katie Joel all at the exact same time.” Sad to see it go in Amagansett.