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Montauk-based reality TV ‘Summer House’ premieres next month on Bravo

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Fasten your seat belts

"Everyone's heard of the Hamptons. That's like your mom's friend who wears pearls," Summer House cast member Kyle explains. "Montauk is like your mom's friend's daughter — who's a little promiscuous. And by a little, I mean a lot."

If you recall, last summer a new reality series from Bravo called Summer House filmed around Montauk. East Hampton Town denied the company a permit for filming, but no permit was needed to film on private property. In July, one of the cast members reached out to Curbed and said how much she was hating the show and that the owners of the rental where the cast was housed, which is in Napeague, was trying to kick the reality show out for breach of contract and violating rental laws.

As you can see from the clip, the stars of the show mostly sit around discussing Wittgenstein. Just kidding! They party and hook up.

Bravo says, “When a group of beautiful and successful New Yorkers leaves the comforts of the Big Apple behind to party the summer away in their home away from home, nothing is off limits. Bravo's new series Summer House takes the beach town of Montauk, New York by storm, while following a group of nine friends who make the exclusive enclave their go-to party spot between Memorial Day and Labor Day — that is, when they're not hustling at their day jobs. You could say they work hard and party way harder.”

Hasn’t Montauk suffered enough?

Of course we’ll be watching. (It premieres Monday, January 16 at 10PM.) We’ll certainly be needing an adult beverage or three as accompaniment, though.