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A stylish contemporary with plenty of land in East Hampton

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Compound opportunity

Photo credit: Chris Foster

In yesterday’s post about the Harry Bates contemporary, a commenter wrote, “Paint it a charcoal color and the ‘office park’ vibe will be gone!” Another concurred. “I think it would look fabulous in black, though I tend to think that about almost all houses. Painting my house black was the first improvement I made.” Well, that’s what the owners of this place did and it probably was an enormous improvement. (Though gotta get those gutters swept!)

The interiors of this contemporary are particularly swell, including the barnwood/driftwood paneling laid horizontally and the nicely redone kitchen. (Neither of the two bathrooms is pictured, we note. But they’re less expensive to redo than a kitchen.) In all, there are three bedrooms and two baths in 2300 square feet.

The best part about this property is all the land that’s included: 1.1 acres, including a cleared backyard in which a pool could be added, and a separate buildable 1.2 acre lot. Possibilities are endless. Asking price is $2.225M, which seems pretty reasonable. Your take?

69 Spring Close Highway, 67 Spring Close Highway, East Hampton