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Updated Bates modern goes into contract immediately

Well priced

If you offer classic good architecture at a good price, buyers will flock to your property. This cool Bates modern from 1981 was only listed December 6 and yet is in contract already. It’s recently been sensitively updated with a new kitchen in keeping with the design and two new baths. Good features include just under an acre of land including attractive mature plantings, a funky oversized living room fireplace, pool out back, "meditation hut," and attractive wrought iron gates.

Commenters liked the property: “… it’s a decent house and pool on a decent size parcel with some decent upgrades. I think the price is pretty reasonable.” “Apparently some people (not me) don’t mind living that far away from town. For a house in what seems to be mint condition, that’s a good price - but I’d try hard to figure out a way to add on an additional bedroom and bathroom, or at least a 1/2 bath.” “This is an example of good architecture from the 80s. The fireplace however, (which you just know was once pastel pink, green or blue) is bad-80s and needs to be re-worked to get rid of the roundness. The front as you approach the home could also use some updating in a more modern Bates Masi style. I love this location and would be happy to be further from town during the summer months… particularly in July and August. The price is extremely fair.”

27 North Hollow Drive, East Hampton