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A Norman Jaffe on Further Lane is yours for $17.9M

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Not an easy sell

Photo credit: Chris Foster

This handsome design, by iconic Hamptons architect Norman Jaffe, offers 6000 square feet of space, including an enormous great room and a more secluded TV space. This is one for architecture buffs only, we think: it’s not going to appeal to a huge number of people, especially the small kitchen. While lauding the Jaffe design and architectural pedigree, the listing does hint ever so delicately at the possibility of knocking the whole place down and rebuilding: “Jaffe said ‘an interesting site gives you something to respond to visually,’ and certainly 100 Further Lane provides the site for the discerning buyer to envision and craft the perfect Hamptons estate.” Kudos, listing agents, for subtlety.

There are three acres of land on the south side of Further Lane, which is probably worth the asking price. What do you think? Will sell quickly? Will it be torn down? Time will tell.

100 Further Lane, East Hampton