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Why not pay $25 per minute for your Hamptons summer rental?

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You don’t want to look poor

Yep, $25 per minute is what a rental of Joe Farrell’s enormous Sandcastle estate’ll run for summer 2017. "Short-term" (that is, two weeks) is $500K. With 10,080 minutes per week, that works out to $24.80 per minute. Better hope your bonus is good this year!

Can’t stretch quite that far? There are plenty of million-dollar MD-LD rentals available. (With 99 days inclusive between Memorial Day and Labor Day, that’s a mere $7 per minute. OK, we’ll stop this now.) First up, there’s good ol’ 38 Two Mile Hollow Road in East Hampton. This is the large oceanfront new build that’s been languishing on the market for years. Originally it was $45M; now the ask is $29.5M. Or one million dollars for the summer. The 8000 square foot home is traditional and attractive, and of course there’s an infinity edge pool, a tennis court, and even a cottage right on the ocean. (Stash the teenagers there, we say, and get them out of your hair.)

Next up is 1145 Sagg Main Street in Sagaponack, asking $975K for the summer. This eight-acre parcel, with main house and guest house, has been on the market for a while now. In March 2015, the asking price was $33M; it's been cut to a mere $29M subsequently.

The property offers, of course, great views of the ocean and Sagg Pond. The main house is 6000sf, and together with the guest house, there are ten bedrooms and eleven baths in all. The house is fairly underwhelming inside; the duneside pool and lounging area are spectacular. The house is next to Sagg Main Beach, but with eight acres of land, maybe there's enough of a buffer between this place and the hoi polloi.

In case neither of those floats your boat, this bayfront property in Bridgehampton, asking $800K for summer, includes a dock on the bay where you can float your boat. It’s also available for sale: formerly it was $25M and now it’s a mere $23M. The location is great, with stunning views of the bay and ocean as well as a generous 2.4-acre plot. We like that the pool is elevated to provide views while swimming, and the house features enormous sliding glass windows to make the most of the views and fresh breezes. It's 4500sf, with five bedrooms and five baths. Surprisingly, the interiors sport some refreshing pops of color, the antithesis to the white-white-white usually seen in Hamptons new-builds, with a red kitchen and a turquoise and purple master bath.