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Hamptons ‘sprayathon’ party house for sale

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Infamous rental

Remember this property? Rented as a $5K a night Airbnb, over the July 4 weekend last summer, it made headlines after a Wall Streeter holding a benefit for Last Chance Animal Rescue threw a sprayathon party there. Like all the best ragers, it involved chugging champagne and throwing midgets into the pool. The owners claimed the renters “trashed” the home and the renters claimed the owners were lying. (And the New York Post rather credulously reported the value of the property as $20M. Yeah, good luck with that.) The guy who gave the party lost his Wall Street job, and oh yes, one of the owners is in jail on fraud charges.

Now the property is for sale. Again. Last time the asking price was $4M, and now it’s $3.75M. We don’t think that’s a bad price, considering. There’s a fairly dated gambrel style home, but it’s quite spacious at 6300 square feet with seven bedrooms and 8.5 baths. Included is a very generous 8 acres of land, including a tennis court and a pool, and while the Noyac location isn’t the toniest, you’re close to the bay and golf. This would be a good buy for an investor who wants to rent the house for the summer, given the amenities and space. What do you think?

1854 Noyac Path, Bridgehampton