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Fabulous gabled, turreted Victorian in Sag Harbor asking $2.995M

Not huge, though

exterior of fancy house facade
37 John Street, Sag Habor
All photos via BHS

Boast the coolest house on the block with this fantastic gothic Victorian home. It’s amazing from the outside—however, the interiors definitely need some work.

The kitchen almost certainly needs a redo (no photos), and there are only 1.5 bathrooms, so at least one needs to be added somewhere, we’d say. In all, there is 2466 square feet of space, with three bedrooms.

One good point of the property is the generous (for the area) 0.62 acre plot of land, which leaves room for a pool, if desired, and room to expand the home. There’s also a detached one-car garage.

Hard to say whether the $3M ask is reasonable without knowing how much work there is to be done: our sense is it’s about right, given the property size.