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Chic interiors by the pond in Water Mill for $2.4M

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Exterior a little odd

This four-bedroom just north of the highway in Water Mill offers decent value for the money and is a nicely done combination of traditional and modern. We quite like the patterns used in the kitchen and one bathroom floor, but if a buyer doesn’t, it’s easy enough to change. What would be harder but not impossible to change is the oversized eyebrow window on the front elevation. That just looks weird and out of place.

Everything else, though, is nice: the simple, relaxed interiors, the mahogany terraces off the bedrooms, and the bluestone patio around the gunite pool. In all, there are four bedrooms, 5.5 baths in 4000 square feet, set on 0.45 of an acre. What do you think of the place? Like that window?

41 Mill Pond Lane, Water Mill