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$12.995M Ox Pasture estate needs help with disjointed interiors

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We need an architect/designer, stat!

There’s a lot of good things about this Southampton property: first off, it’s on prestigious Ox Pasture Road. There’s almost two acres of land, with a long drive, a pool with pool house that boasts its own fireplace, full bath, and attached outdoor shower, and a tennis court. There’s a very pretty pergola next to the patio.

The interiors of the main house, which is 6600 square feet, need help. Both decoratively (why an antique desk with a modern office chair next to a brocade sofa?) and structurally. The modern open-tread glass and steel staircase looks dire next to the mostly-traditional interiors with elaborate millwork. We’re not sure what could be done with the long galley kitchen, but that’s not what buyers want. And we still like the colored glass tile in the bathrooms, but the “contact lens” glass vessel sinks are already dated and have to go. The dining room looks more like a corporate meeting room. And if you want very traditional furniture and fabrics, you need to do something to hide all the huge black flatscreens, as they strike a dissonant note.

Anyway—all is not lost. A buyer could get the price as low as possible and get an architect and designer in immediately to freshen the place up.

110 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton