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Curbed Cup 1st Round: Sag Harbor (2) vs. Springs (15)

Two go in: one comes out

Americasroof via wikipedia

Red-hot Sag Harbor is the winner of several past Cups; with its red-hot real estate market and thriving downtown, is 2016 its year again? The eatery in the former Harlow/B. Smith’s spot was briefly Decker’s this summer, and then was shuttered, and the rumor remains that it will one day be Le Bilboquet. Tutto il Giorno became Dopo la Spiagia. A new park is planned for the downtown harbor area, to be called after John Steinbeck. Joy Behar purchased a new home near Bay Street Theater and Candace Bushnell also bought in the village. It’s been quite a year.

Via Tripadvisor

Springs has never won a Cup, but it's becoming more and more popular. Artsy Springs is a great place for boaters, plus it's convenient to East Hampton village, Amagansett, and Sag Harbor. One commenter said, "While restaurants do not top, Harbor Grill is a down home place with solid food. Finally, the peace and quiet is what I love." Artsy couple Simon and Jemima Kirke put several homes on Gerard Drive up for sale; also for sale is an amazing glass block house by the structural engineer of the Freedom Tower. Finally, local dive Wolfie’s Tavern closed.