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An extraordinary one-bedroom home perched above Napeague Harbor

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Certainly different

Photo credit: Chris Foster

Last week, we posted about Elie Tahari’s oceanfront Sagaponack home, which boasts only three bedrooms; we surmised Mr. Tahari was not all that fond of house guests. Well, this place goes even further with just one bedroom. That’s going to make it hard to sell, although we think this property would make an ideal spot for a writer who needs to get away from it all.

There’s just over half an acre of land. The house is built on 12’ pilings, with thick insulation, special glass and custom stainless windows and doors, so it will withstand the elements. The black bricks used in the singular striped chimneys and fireplaces is reclaimed from postwar London, and there are brick-shaped tiles echoing these in the entry and kitchen. The kitchen uses stone to gorgeous effect. There’s even a fireplace on the master bedroom deck.

Asking price is a similarly extraordinary $5.995M. Whether the property will achieve that, we have no idea. It won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s certainly different and interesting.

Edited to add: this place belongs to Randy Lerner. It all makes more sense now.

30 Private Road, Napeague

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