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Curbed Cup 1st Round: East Hampton (5) vs. North Haven (12)

Thrill of victory; agony of defeat

lisrel_1 via flickr

Old favorite East Hampton has never won a Cup. Is this its year? Some new restaurants opened, including Service Station, while some old favorites closed, and new eateries are planned for 2017. A new ER is planned for Pantigo Place, and as usual, airport controversy swirled, with one group demanding its closure. As for real estate, David Geffen purchased an oceanfront estate on Lily Pond Lane for $70M. Lasata, the childhood home of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, was put on the market asking $38M, while Briar Patch, one of the most expensive listings in the US at $140M, languished unsold.

Courtesy EEFAS

North Haven has never won a Cup, but the little town was in the news often this year. The lovely Strongheart estate, owned by a Mr. Richard Gere, sold after several years on the market to Matt Lauer and family. Christie Brinkley put her lovely North Haven property on the market for a cool $25M, and in August, Jimmy Buffett hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at his North Haven estate at which he and Paul McCartney sang along with Jon Bon Jovi.