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Big reveal: how much for a Water Mill estate with spa?

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Less than you thought

Address: 18 Seven Ponds Road, Water Mill

Price: $8,995,000

Not so much this week: the correct answer was the least popular, and the number one answer was $3M more than the actual price. Despite the adorable little MP4 in the previous post, commenters were not sold on the property or even the spa. “I know this is nitpicky but wasn’t there a better way to integrate the whirlpool? Couldn’t it have been sunk below the nice wood decking so it doesn’t just look like an enormous, cheap bathtub? It looks really awful in comparison to the chic/sleek rest of the spa area. As for the rest of the house—yawn.” “That whirlpool looks tacky. The rest of the house has no soul. I cannot comprehend the need for a ten bedroom home, but if I wanted one, I’d pass this by.”