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Election-themed cocktail recipes for celebration

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Or soothing the pain

It’s Election Day! Finally. This has been a long and bitter presidential campaign: it’s time to relax and celebrate American democracy in action. (Or drown your sorrows in a good drink.) So we’re putting on our EaterHampton hat for today and bringing you some recipes for election-themed cocktails via our friends at Park Place Wines.

The E-Mule

2 oz. vodka

4 oz. Goslings Ginger Beer

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice (or squeeze half of a lime)

Wedge of lime (optional garnish)

Add ice to a glass followed by the vodka and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a top secret lime wedge.

The Orange Elephant

2 oz. orange juice

2 oz. orange vodka

1 oz. Sweetshine Orange Cranberry Liquor

2 dashes Bitterman’s New England Cranberry Spice Bitters

This variation of the traditional pink elephant cocktail is perfect for drinkers with tiny hands. Add all of the ingredients to a shaker full of ice. Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass.

They Go Low, We Go Highball

2 oz. bourbon

2-4 oz. club soda

2 dashes Bitterman’s Buckspice Ginger Bitters

Add ice to a tall narrow glass. Next, add the bourbon, club soda, and bitters (feel free to add up to 4 dashes if you’re a nasty woman.)

The Gin and Locker Room Tonic

2 oz. gin

4 oz. tonic water

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1 lime wedge

Fill a tall, narrow-mouthed glass with ice near the top. Pour gin, tonic water, and lime juice over the ice. Stir well and garnish with lime wedge. Best enjoyed on a tour bus, not a locker room, hot mic optional.