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Tour Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s beautiful Amagansett home

Stunning—and so is the property!

If you’ve been dying see inside Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s beautiful Amagansett property since its recent renovation, wait no more! It’s all pictured in ELLE Decor.

Alec has owned the house since 1995. According to the magazine, “The shingle-style house was built in 1753 with a saltbox design – long, pitched roof that slopes to the back – before its conversion to a full, two-story home in the 1790s, according to local historians. A team of oxen later moved the home to its current location, and around 1913, architect Joseph Greenleaf Thorp, of Grey Gardens fame, remodeled the home.”

(Oddly, Jeffrey Colle, who worked on the home in the 1990s, said in a Curbed interview in 2014, “The Baldwin house was built around 1700. Some records said 1697 and some said 1702, so somewhere in there. It was originally built on Montauk Highway and in 1756 it was moved across the frozen fields by oxen to its present location. They picked up the home, which was two stories, and they added a new ground floor, making it a three story home. So the first floor is 1700 or thereabouts, the upper two floors were 1756 and there was some additions added later, like a new kitchen and a couple of little rooms.”)

In any case, Hilaria wanted a change. She told ELLE Decor, "Before, it was a lot of tiny little rooms, there wasn't a lot of flow to it." So architect Fred Throo and interior designer Daniel Romanoff worked together to create "this really open space that I definitely wanted. I want to walk into my house and be able to breathe."

And now that this renovation is complete, the family is planning another: to give baby Leonardo the same size room as his brother and sister. "We want all of our kids to feel like they're equal, so we're going to make his room exactly the same square footage as theirs, so that he can't say 'I'm third, I'm last, you guys don't care,'" Hilaria says.

Want to see the rest of the gorgeous space? Head on over to ELLE Decor.