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A two-cottage Bluff Road compound is yours for $1.585M

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Room for a pool

This one seems like a good deal to us: a two cottage property on Bluff Road in Amagansett for $1.585M. In total, there are seven bedrooms and three baths. One cottage has three bedrooms, one bath, kitchen and living area; the other offers two apartments, each with a kitchen and living area, two bedrooms and one bath.

The property size is 0.19 of an acre with a lawn between the houses, and the listing says, “room for pool between the cottages.” There’s also a privet hedge around the perimeter.

Of course there are drawbacks: the other side of the property is Montauk Highway. The cottages are cluttered and small as is: we’d explore how many walls we could knock down. Alternatively, we guess, an investor could rent the units out for summer and leave as is, since they all look in good enough shape. What do you think?