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A barn style home in the Northwest Woods for $2.465M

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Photo credit: Chris Foster

The setting for this house, almost two acres of pitch pines, reminds us of the Catskills. There’s also a half-acre reserve adjacent to the house. But unlike the Catskills, with this property you’re less than ten minutes away from the best beaches in the world. (And of course, this property costs 10x what it would in the Catskills. OK, enough about the Catskills.)

The house was built in 1989 and betrays its age in a few ways: the solid-wall staircase, the closed-off kitchen, the doors between the great room and the TV room, the interior window. But those are all minor and could be changed it desired. Other than that, the house looks great, airy and light, with very-2016 exposed beams. It’s 2800 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths (another sign of age!). The listing states, “A complete extension plan designed by the owners themselves is in place for those interested in expansion.” And there isn’t a pool now, but there’s plenty of room if desired. What do you think?