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Looking for a project? Renovate this 1920s East Hampton farmhouse

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On one acre

There’s plenty to work with if you’re looking for a project. Yes, the road is busy, but with an acre of land for your pool and spa out back, who cares?

The house isn’t huge at 1100 square feet, with three bedrooms and two baths, but there’s plenty of scope for improvement (we can see at least one part of the roof needs work), even though the listing says "Stylishly renovation in 2010 included upgrading the wiring, added/replacing insulation, replacing the heating system,creating a first floor laundry in the mudroom, and installation of beautiful light fixtures throughout." Getting rid of the blue tarp/plastic wrapped furniture/old pickup/pay phone (?) would be a start.

Asking price is $1.1M. Up for a challenge?