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Haters gonna hate, but this tiny Georgica cottage sold quickly

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Shake it off

This diminutive (1200 square feet) cottage was featured during Curbed’s Micro Week back in September. We thought it was darling, with its climbing roses, lawn, and a pergola by the entrance. Yes, yes, the interiors needed updating, but there’s a fireplace, two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and an eat-in kitchen squeezed in. Outside, there’s a handy shed and 0.21 of an acre of land. Asking price was a non-tiny $2.4M because of the location, on a corner in Georgica.

Photo credit: Chris Foster

Commenters were not sold on the place. "That’s a lot of moolah for a tear down on a tiny lot on a very exposed corner on Georgica Road." "Why would you even bother showing the woebegone interior? Even on this less than perfect Georgica corner, this house is coming down, maybe not at this price, but coming down nonetheless." "Would need to come down below $2m to make it worthwhile….you could build a modest new home with a small backyard/pool that could make sense. Love the location, even with the corner lot and stop sign." "They wouldn’t have gotten this price in 2014 or 2015 so definitely not now. $1.5M should be doable."

Nope. The place sold lightning fast for $2.2M. Don’t stop believin’, cute little Georgica cottage, even if you are probably getting torn down.