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Massive beauty in Southampton’s Murray Compound cut a massive $3.2M

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That's 10%, for the math impaired

This huge (14,000 square feet) new build entered the market in July this year asking $32M. It's on almost two acres in the private Murray-McDonnell compound in Southampton, and was built by pizza heir Anthony Sbarro, who intended to live in it, but purchased another property on the water instead. So the property is quirky but luxurious, to Mr. Sbarro's taste. (Update: whoops, we made a mistake. The house is now available unfurnished for $28.9; furnished, it's still $32M.)

One of the extraordinary design details includes a hand-woven map of Southampton rug. Italian architect and designer Achille Salvagnis shipped all the fabrics, artwork and furniture from Rome. There are nine bedrooms and 11.5 baths. Interesting to us is the fresh-looking yellow brass lighting fixtures and hardware, and we’re happy to see that flatscreen TVs are concealed by "roll-away" artwork. There’s an elevator as well as a finished lower level which sports a gym, sauna and steam rooms, game room with built-in bar, home theater, wine cellar, and dance studio.

Outside, there’s a large 60’ x 30’ pool, pool house and sunken tennis court. And of course, the compound offers private ocean access.

We really liked it, although commenters in July didn't. "Man, we have seen hideous furniture before but this shit takes the cake. Selling the house furnished is a joke. Oh, and I would rather look at black flat screen TVs than fake artwork. What? no Mona Lisa?" "Whoa. The world may be going to hell, but the desk with the columns and the bite taken out of it at least provided me a momentary grin today. As did the home theater seats with buckles. Thank you for once again showing us that poor taste transcends all levels of wealth." "Also, brushed brass hardware: the next fashiony choice that will be regretted and ripped out everywhere. Instantly dated." Ouch.