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Hamptons style: popular in Western Australia!

Half a world away

“The Hamptons look that has captured our hearts is synonymous with elegant beachside living, conjuring up images of comfort, relaxation, leisure time and understated affluence.”

We agree! However, the company advertising this look isn’t on the South Fork or even in the East End; it’s a mere 11,684 miles away in Perth, Western Australia, and their ocean is the Indian Ocean. Oswald Homes offers new builds called the East Hampton, the Greenport, the Southampton, the Springs, and (rather confusingly) the Palisades, in Perth. According to The Western Australian newspaper, “The Hamptons theme is one of the most beloved and enduring decorating styles in the world, and one that’s particularly popular in Australia.”

We gotta say these folks have nailed the look. Jill O’Donoghue, interior stylist at The Furniture Gallery, says, “The Hamptons style is so beloved around the world and particularly in WA as this timeless decorating style never goes out of fashion.”

So is the weather in Western Australia similar to ours? Looks to be a little warmer in Perth during winter than we have here in the Hamptons, but summer temps range between 63 and 86, which is similar to the Hamptons. It’s getting to be summer there now, as a matter of fact.

Need some lighting for your new Perth home? The adorably named Montauk LIghting Co offers some beautiful options, including this Kelly Wearstler pendant with rough quartz. (We’re crazy about this one.)

Now all Western Australia needs is a slightly snarky real estate blogger!