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John McEnroe cuts the price of Southampton estate by $2M

With tennis court, of course

When this listing hit the market back in May, we wrote, "You're leaving the Hamptons, John? You cannot be serious!" Guess he is, since the previous asking price of $14.5M, which wasn’t bad, has now been dropped to $12.5M. (That’s $2M off. You’re welcome.)

More interior photos are available now than back then. The house itself is pleasant but unspectacular, at least when staged. The kitchen being closed off and smallish is problematic, but easily solveable by knocking down one wall.

This property, which John shares with wife Patty Smyth (singer for Scandal), is famously the only one of his homes to have a tennis court. Of course, this being the Hamptons, there's also a gunite pool, and there's also highly coveted beach access. In all, there are 8 bedrooms and 7.5 baths in 7500 square feet of space on 2.17 acres of land.

Of course Squabble Lane is an excellent address: we’d expect this property to sell by the end of the year.