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Big reveal: how much for a waterfront cottage on Three Mile Harbor?

With pool

Address: 26 Oyster Shores Road, East Hampton

Price: $2,599,000

Close but no cigar this week. (Cigars ain’t free, people.) The number one choice was $2,799,000, but we acknowledge this one was a little tougher this week. Comments ranged from “Nice house for a couple, but that kitchen is awfully skimpy, despite the artfully placed and useless canisters on the cheap open shelving.” Eh, this is probably for the Blue Apron set. “Is that a pool or a hot tub? It’s awfully small.” “It’s basically a plunge pool. The rest of the place is about the size of generous Manhattan apartment. This place was listed for $*m four or five years ago (don’t want to be a spoiler) and sat for at least a year, as I recall. It’s a cool house, but it is on more a creek in the harbor, was overpriced then, and my guess is it will be overpriced now.” Guess we’ll see if it moves at $2.599M.