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A cool metal-sheathed home in Sagaponack for $8.75M

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Plenty of land

This sleek 80s house is fairly well known, as when it was built, it was controversial, as it is mostly metal on the outside.

Some thought it an eyesore, especially since Sagaponack and Fairfield Pond Lane were much less built up than they are now.

We really like it, though: the place is interesting and attractive, especially after a recent renovation. It’s 4650 square feet with five bedrooms and three and a half baths.

There’s 1.38 acres of land, too, which includes a pool (with a cool bridge over it), tennis, and a basketball/sport court. Location is excellent, quite near the ocean.

Which leaves us with the price. Last time the house was offered for sale was three years ago, asking an optimistic $10M. Now the ask is a much more reasonable $8.75M, and the interiors are nicer, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this property trade soon.