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A Sleeping Beauty cottage in Amagansett

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On Bluff Road

“...for within a quarter of an hour there grew up all round the park so vast a quantity of trees big and small, with interlacing brambles and thorns, that neither man nor beast could penetrate them. The tops alone of the castle towers could be seen, and these only from a distance. Thus did the fairy's magic contrive that the princess, during all the time of her slumber, should have naught whatever to fear from prying eyes.”

In the case of this listing, “Sleeping Beauty” not only refers to the vines growing up along the cottage, but also to the cottage itself, which will probably be a beauty once it’s updated and the vines chopped down.

On 0.37 of an acre on the south side of Bluff Road, there’s plenty of scope for improvement of this property, such as putting in a pool.

The original 1960s cottage offers a “guest suite with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and private deck.” Then attached to that is an extension built in 2000, with a great room and two more bedrooms, including an en-suite master. There are terraces spanning the entire length which include a wide ocean view. There’s also an unfinished lower level with exterior access and high ceilings, which would also add much more space.

Asking price for all this is $3.75M. Hard to say how reasonable that is depending on how much work needs to be done.