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Oceanfront in the Amagansett Dunes now just $9.5M

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With pool

This oceanfront property has been on the market for a long time: it originally was listed just about two years ago at $13M. The price has been gradually lowered ever since, and now it’s $9.5M, which we tend to think is a good value, despite the negatives.

First, the positives. The house, built in 1930, still sports its original WWII bunkers, which have protected it from hurricanes ever since. (No photos of the bunkers. Sheesh, people, we want to see the bunkers!) And of course, it’s oceanfront with a pool, although we gotta say the pool is a little odd. The land next to it is reserve, which is great.

Negatives: back in 1930, beach houses in the area weren’t enormous show-off mansions, so the house is only 3000 square feet with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. And we’re not sure about the “unique multi-level floor plan” the listing refers to. Buyers tend not to like unique. The kitchen is a little dated, but not that big a deal. Perhaps most important, the house is right on notorious Truck Beach.

Even with the negatives, we’re a little surprised nobody has offered yet at this price point. What do you think of the place?