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What are the most beautiful streets in the Hamptons?

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Main Streets and more

Two days ago, Curbed ran a post called “America’s 11 most beautiful streets.” Boston, Philly, Los Angeles, Memphis: it was an interesting list except it just forgot about one particularly beautiful and picturesque part of America—the Hamptons. So it ignored what is clearly the most beautiful street in America, East Hampton’s Main Street. Hello—we’ve got shopping, restaurants, quaint inns, museums, a performing arts space, beautiful private homes, a well preserved colonial farm, and if that’s not enough, a town green and a pond with ducks and swans. Top that, Denver or Savannah. Now the rest of you cities slink away quietly.

Town Pond East Hampton. #easthamptonny #easthampton #bonac

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But Main Street, East Hampton, is hardly the only stunner in the Hamptons. There’s Main Street, Sag Harbor. Ocean Avenue in Bridgehampton. (There’s just something quintessential about Ocean Avenue, we think.) Amagansett lanes. This little place in Southampton:

Est. 1664 #jobslane

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What do you say? Let us know your favorite street in the comments.