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Montauk Lighthouse won’t be lit for the holidays this year

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No money

Unless many people donate, or someone with deep pockets steps up to save the day, the popular Lighting of the Lighthouse, which happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving, won’t happen this year. It costs a cool 50 grand to set up and maintain the lights, and the Montauk Point Lighthouse Committee, which maintains the structure, has been spending their available funds on repairs to the structure. Quoted in the East Hampton Press, Joe Gaviola, finance director for the committee, said, "It’s with a heavy heart that the committee has made this decision, but we can’t be unprepared for future projects. The lights have to become secondary."

Want to help by donating to the committee for lights, or want to be a sponsor? You have until November 1, since it takes a couple weeks to set up the lights. You can donate at this link.

Montauk Lighthouse Won't Have Holiday Light Display This Season [27E]

Montauk Lighthouse

2000 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954