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Hamptons real estate updates!

A potpourri of news

Photo credit: Chris Foster

Just about a month ago, we posted about a "fascinating half-glass, half-solid modern box in East Hampton." Neither the house, at 2200 square feet, with four bedrooms and three baths, nor the plot at 0.55 of an acre are huge, but there’s a gunite pool and there’s a pool pavilion for escaping the sun. With an asking price of $2.45M, we asked if anyone would pay that much. Commenters liked the place. "Love it. I’m not a fan of all of that retro mod stuff, but overall it is well done. Nice spot close to town, too." "....the price seems reasonable to me." "I actually like how simple and relaxing it seems..." "Now this is contemporary done right." "Quite well done should fetch close."

A buyer agreed, because less than a month later the place is in contract. Well done!

Remember Lloyds House? It was a Norman Jaffe we quite liked on Heller Lane in East Hampton. Well, no one liked it enough to save it, so it was torn down and replaced by a Michael Davis design—very pleasant but not Jaffe.

The new 5300sf house offers nice touches such as pretty marble fireplaces, plenty of built-ins including banquette seating in the breakfast room, a nice looking rec room, a mirrored gym, an elevator, and smart house technology. In all, there are seven bedrooms, including two in the lower level, and 7.5 baths. Asking price was $13.9M back in March; now the price has been chopped a cool $1.4M, down to $12.5M.

Closer to Heller Lane is this property at 32 Windmill Lane. There’s four acres of oceanfront land, and, according to Zillow, a 5500 square foot house. So? So you don’t usually see oceanfront homeowners being served a notice of Lis Pendens. Will this be the first oceanfront foreclosure in the Hamptons?