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Of course Montauk-themed The End coffeeshop is in Williamsburg

All things fresh

Stuck in the Big Smoke for the winter? Lonely for Montauk? Just hop on over to Williamsburg, where the folks behind Montauk Juice Factory have set up The End, where you can pick up your favorite juice and coffee. Not to mention Whalebone shirts, Poolside bags, and Of Sea and Salt candles.

"This became a passion project in terms of bringing in other brands from around the neighborhood, giving them a pedestal to sell their product [on] and connecting with a different community," co-owner Bret Caretsky explained in the New York Observer.

Next up will be food and "a healing tonic bar with magical mushrooms and blue algae lattes." We can’t decide whether that’s more Montauk or more Williamsburg, frankly—or a mashup of the two.