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Prices get scary in the Hamptons for Halloween

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Some up, some down

We understand chopping the price of a property, but not so much increasing it. This Springs property debuted on the market in July. The asking price of $3.695M seemed reasonable, although somewhat pricey for Springs. The 4.3-acre property is next to a 28 acre reserve with horse and nature trails. Of course there’s a pool and a (rather dilapidated looking) tennis court outside, along with gardens and lawns.

The house is spacious at 5000 square feet; there are five bedrooms, seven full and two half baths and four fireplaces. There’s also loft areas upstairs and a sunroom off the pool, and a gym. (Er, what’s with all the giant clock faces?) The eat-in kitchen is quite attractive with its white marble counters and dark wooden floor.

Maybe all the giant clock faces scared the buyers off, because it’s months later and there aren’t any takers. There is a new agency (BHS) and a new price, $4.05M, a slightly puzzling $355K more. Oh well, good luck.

The next property is a modern new build in North Haven, which hit the market in February. There are glass walls everywhere, including the garage, in the six bedroom. The covered terrace includes a fireplace, and by the pool there's an outdoor kitchen and two outdoor showers.

Commenters loved this place. "This place looks KILLER!!!" "Wow. I like this so much I can't even make a snarky comment about the virtual people in the pool." "Great design and such a peaceful private location.... Rather be here than SOH." "Looks amazing, but glass wall on the garage? Why would anyone want that, unless there's one garage to showcase your classic cars and another to hid your mess." "Gorgeous location. What's with the ceiling in the bar room. Inspired by Boeing 737?"

Buyers didn’t go for the price, though, asking $16.295M. Now the price has been chopped down to $14.995M. Think it’ll sell quickly?