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Tour a knockout Sag Harbor new build asking $6.75M

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With pool and pool house

Yes, you remember correctly: this is the property that caused all the trouble in Sag Harbor. Neighbors got annoyed that the reconstructed house was bigger and taller than they’d expected (the architect/owner disagreed). Well, it’s finally complete, and boy is it ever gorgeous.

Of course it’s done in a vintage style inside and out (custom millwork, leaded glass, beams), but without the drawbacks of a genuine vintage home (low ceilings, small kitchen, and so on). The house is very spacious at 4500 square feet, including a large, beautiful kitchen, a sunny breakfast area, several parlors and sitting rooms, a spacious master with balcony and marble bathroom, and so on. There are five bedrooms, four baths, and two powder rooms.

Outside, there’s 0.34 of an acre of land, with pretty formal gardens, a pool, and a cute pool house. Of course, you’ll pay a good price for all this, $6.75M, but the property is so attractive and Sag Harbor is such a hot area, we don’t think it will be very hard to find a buyer.