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Lovely old East Hampton grande dame given modern facelift

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Freshened up

There wasn’t much wrong with this 1914 East Hampton summer cottage the last time we saw it, when it sold for $4.9M in March 2011. Since then, it’s been painted, the kitchen refreshed with new swanky appliances (La Cornue stove; a Marra Forni pizza oven in the outdoor kitchen), glass doors open to the patio with the pool and a new gas firepit, and so on. This beauty is all ready for another hundred years of love from a new family.

In all, there are five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms in 4000 square feet. One of the drawbacks of the house is that there are fewer bathrooms than expected at this price range; and while the property is close to the beach on Ocean Avenue, there’s a skimpy 0.6 acre plot of land. Asking price is now $8.9M, which seems high. What do you think? Will someone pay that much?