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Sold for $40M! A Blaze Makoid modern home on 7 acres by Sagg Pond

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Deeded access

"A true resort inspired home, built for those who can settle for nothing but the best." Boy, that sounds like a terrible burden. Lucky thing the new owners of this spread happen to have the $40M it cost to buy!

So what did they get for their 40 large? Seven acres of land (it is possible that quite a lot of it is ag reserve—we’re not sure.) Access to Sagg Pond, right past that nice Mr. Waters’ house.

And of course, a massive 14,181 square foot home designed by Blaze Makoid and built by J Bialsky. There are eight bedrooms and 9.5 baths in all. Of course, what you want to know is if you’ll feel cut off from the outside once you’re inside. Not to worry! "Open concept living space brings the outdoors in"! Also, an outdoor kitchen brings the indoors out!

OK, this all sounds great, but what about room for what’s most important in life, drinking wine? Not to worry! "The stone wrapped entryway that leads into a double height living room featuring walls of glass and stone is flanked by the architectural staircase and glass wrapped wine room." Right when you enter, bam, wine! But what if we have a lot of wine? "The lower level will be the ultimate space for relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy the 400 SF +/- wine cellar/tasting room...." Yes!

Of course there’s a massive pool with spa and a tennis court, and lovely landscaping by Ed Hollander. Still not enough space indoors? "The accessory structure on the eastern edge of the property houses space for four additional vehicles, pool bath facilities, and office/lounge area or zen yoga studio." Two words: more. wine.

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