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EaterHampton update: Le Bilboquet is still a maybe, the Greenwich dunzo

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The Sag Harbor saga continues

Our friends over at Eater NY are reporting that our favorite local billionaire Ron Perelman won his bid to take over 1 Long Wharf in Sag Harbor, the spot that was Decker’s over the summer, and previously Harlow and B. Smith’s. Back in January, the rumor was that Mr. Perelman would turn the spot into a version of his midtown eatery Le Bilboquet, and while that’s still rumored to be possible, who knows what it will be.

The Greenwich, the New American eatery that debuted in May at the former Red Stixs spot, is no more. We’d heard the service was good but the food uninspired. We’re not sure about Grey Lady, the Montauk seafood spot by the harbor. It’s certainly closed for now, possibly just for the season; the proprietors aren’t returning our inquiries.