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Look at What $10.6M Gets You in the Amagansett Dunes

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This listing hit the market just over a year ago with no interior photos—finally some became available in April, so we posted posted again with pictures. The pricechopper has been busy on this listing. Originally the property was $13M, then $12M in April; now the ask is $10.6M. Do you think a buyer will be tempted finally?

The positives: the house is oceanfront, with a pool. Can't argue with that. Negatives: 3000sf is not exactly huge. And with just 4 beds and 3.5 baths, a lot of people on the beach want showpieces with tons of extra bedrooms, which this isn't. Perhaps most important, the house is right on notorious Truck Beach. One commenter last April wrote, "Once it hits $10mm I can see someone taking the plunge despite Truck Beach." We're more or less there now, so it's up to you, homebuyers.

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