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Ideas to Calm Summer Mayhem in Montauk

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A recent meeting of the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee contained several worthwhile suggestions about calming the out-of-control partying that marked much of last summer. Tom Bogdan, quoted in the East Hampton Star, who is head of the group Montauk United, mentioned two ideas gleaned from other small cities: first, allow police officers to give people who are acting out an immediate summons rather than requiring an arrest and then wasted hours in the station house. A ticket allows officers to get right back out enforcing the law.

Second, do something about the anarchic taxi situation in town. In other cities, taxis are required to display a large ID number on their doors and back windshields, and in a city like Washington, DC, all cabs must be painted the same color. (In Montauk, taxis can best be described as "random.")

Montauk United will soon be sending out a questionnaire to all of the hamlet's property owners asking for opinions about these issues. Stay tuned.
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