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The Lovely Georgica House No One Wanted is Back

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Ah, remember those heady days way back when, in October 2014? Sure you do! A gunman attacked Canada's Parliament, the US launched airstrikes on Syria, and this house sold for $11M. That was a mere five years after being offered for sale and after $8M of pricechops. Well, it's fifteen months later and the place is back on the market for $14.9M. Nope, we don't know why the owners, an LLC, think they can get that much, but good luck to them. It's still a gorgeous house, traditionally designed by Peter Cook, a massive 11,600sf, with eight bedrooms and 8.5 baths. (No interior photos with this listing, but if you click through to our last post, you can see the rooms.) Outside, there's 3.5 acres of lovely gardens and massive old trees. There's a pool and pool house with a vine-covered pergola. How much do you think it'll sell for this time?

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