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Ch-ch-changes in Sag Harbor Restaurant Scene for 2016

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Big news in Sag Harbor: according to the New York Daily News, everyone's favorite local billionaire Ron Perelman is purchasing the building that housed B. Smith's and then Harlow East with a view to opening an outpost of Le Bilboquet, his Upper East Side eatery, there. Plans include a "seasonal" summer opening. We reached out to Richie Notar of Harlow to ask about his plans, but he's staying mum so far.

Other Sag Harbor eatery news: Doppio will not be re-opening, according to rumor. As always, if you hear something, let us know via email or you can also email us anonymously via the tipline.
· Ron Perelman set to open Le Bilboquet outpost in Sag Harbor at former B. Smith site [NYDN]