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Southampton Midcentury Modern Compound $3M Cheaper

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We quite liked this c. 1950 house when it hit the market back in April last year. A prime example of midcentury modern architecture, many of the funky features had been preserved, like the woodblock flooring, conversation pit by the fireplace, and the (kind of claustrophobic) galley kitchen. The main house features two bedroom suites, and there is also a three bedroom guest house and a two bedroom cottage, all adding up to seven bedrooms and 6.5 baths in 7000sf. The 1.9 acres of grounds, in the Southampton estate section, are stunning, with a large pool, huge spa, a reflecting pool and a formal pond. There's also a tennis court.

The only issue for us was the price, which was $14M. Commenters were mixed on the subject, with one scolding, "There is a small segment of buyers who will pay a premium for a proper Midcentury Modern like this, but $14M is beyond absurd." It's hard one to value, we thought, as it's not your typical Southampton shingle style. Now the price has been chopped to a much more reasonable $10.95M.

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