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Big Reveal: How Much for a Spare Modern House in Wainscott?

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Address: 47 Westwood Drive, Wainscott
Price: $3,195,000
Winner on price this week! The underwhelm was strong with this one. Comments ranged as follows: "This thing has been on and off the market for years. Certainly needs to have a "2" in front of it." "Sad little house as every owner wants to sell it. Been out there for many years with different agents. isn't this a loss at this price? only brokers profit from it?" "Has this place ever changed hands? The siding has aged but nothing else is different." "I'm guessing that it is NOH, on a main road, and that airport noise might be an issue. The house does not wow me, but it does not offend me either (except I think that is Ligne Roset in the living area, and i can turn a blind eye to it). It's ok for below 3.25. Maybe more like 2.75, that would be my offer." Take note, brokers.

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