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The Party Never Ends if Your Property Includes Mini-Golf

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Yes! You will want to have permanent Mylar balloons in your new East Quogue house, for the party will never end. It will start at the bar conveniently located near the living room fire; then you and guests will move under the giant orange chandelier for dinner. You'll play a round of miniature golf on your own course, then everyone will jump into the pool, laughing. After you get out, have another drink because the backyard frog statues are slightly unnerving you. Then it's time to go to the basement rec room and play some pool, while listening to music on the jukebox. Best of all, you don't need to ask Frog Waiter for the bill because you're the owner of this paradise, which you practically stole for $1.5M.

· Contemporary Home With Miniature Golf and Low Taxes [Corcoran]