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A Regreso for Sag Harbor's Espresso

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When Espresso shut its doors in early 2014, it left many important questions unanswered. Are the days of softball-sized moist morning muffins over? Are we really to see no more Frisbee-sized deli sandwiches on fresh-out-of-the-oven focaccia? It was a place to sit with a morning coffee and the day's paper, a pre-beach sandwich stop and a pasta and pizza to-go dinner option. Its closing appeared to be another sign of the times: one more institution fallen victim to changing demographics, desires, and diners' dinero being spent elsewhere. The space was sold to new owners with a new vision and, after months of renovation, its replacement, Harbor Market & Kitchen, sashayed into town like a rich uncle.

But just as fond memories of Espresso began to fade even further, rumblings of its resurrection began to surface. It's back in a new home (former Cigar Bar space at 2 Main Street) and with a slightly modified name, Espresso da Asporto, but with largely the same menu. With a brand new pizza oven and fresh focaccias on the shelf, the place is back in action. Everyone's happy.
—Ethan Feirstein