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Beach House Flip in the Amagansett Dunes for $2.575M

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This spacious (for the area) Dunes beach house sold last spring for $1.61M. Now it's back all fancied up, with a new kitchen, bathrooms, patio, and so on. (We do think the two woodburning stoves should have been retained or updated, though. They're so nice and cozy.) The new price is just under a million dollars more at $2.575M, but that still seems fairly reasonable, given the hot Amagansett marketplace and that there's nothing to do. There are four to five bedrooms (one is a "den could be fifth bedroom") and three bathrooms in 2100sf. The second floor contains the master and a diminutive office space. The plot size is 0.14 of an acre and includes plenty of patios and an outdoor shower, and of course the house is very close to the beach. What do you think of the place? Worth it?

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