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Stable Your Nags in Style by the Ocean in Montauk for $25M

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Equestrians, make yourself and your equine pals happy by forking out $25M to buy this place. The ranch is currently owned by Mickey Drexler and was attached to Eothen, the Warhol estate that Adam Lindemann just purchased. But Mr. Lindemann wasn't interested in owning a stable, so now's your chance. There's 24 acres of pasture, which is adjacent to miles of bridle trails and reserve. Of course there are two antique restored barns, various other outbuildings and paddocks, as well as a three-bedroom caretaker or groom's house. The owner's residence is a generous 5000sf, with four bedrooms and three baths, wide-plank flooring and old barn beams. This is another unique property, so it's hard to price.

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