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$825K Sag Harbor Ranch with a Party in the Basement

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These days, anything listed in Sag Harbor for under $1 million looks like a real steal. But in that price range, a potential buyer can now expect some, well, quirks. In this house's case, while technically still in the village, it's not exactly in the historic center, has limited charm (unless you're a ranch-lover), and sits across the street from an unsightly fire department parking lot. However, for all that this three-bedroom lacks, it does have a few positives–sunny, updated interiors, a large lot, and, wait for it, a fully-operational gentleman's club in the basement! So, while by day your basement is just a kid-friendly game room, come nightfall it can turn into a beer-splattered sports bar with commercial-grade checkered flooring, basketball arcade game, coin-op pool table, and bar. At first glance, it appears to even include a stripper-pole, but upon further inspection that turns out merely to be an awkwardly placed structural column. Move over, Murf's, there's a new pub in town. And with this listing approaching 300 days listed, maybe someone can score a happy hour special on this one.
—Ethan Feirstein

· 15 Columbia Street [Elliman]