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What's Going On with all the Closed Shops in East Hampton?

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Is East Hampton's main shopping street just going to be real estate firms in the future? (And Ralph Lauren shops, of course.) So many shops are currently empty on Main Street and Newtown Lane. Here's what we saw:

• Peloton (eventually will be Compass)
• BCBG, 20 Main Street
• Everything but Water - Newtown Lane
Haute Hippie – Newtown Lane
• Old J Crew building on Newtown Lane (formerly Kate Spade, formerly Juicy Couture)
• Gail Rothman - Newtown Lane
• La Perla - Newtown Lane
Jan George (although it appears they are working on this)
• Lisa Perry - Main Street
Medusa (still open but has sign listing it's for rent)
Former T&C office (they are moving around a lot!)
Former T&C office next to Dylan's
Orlebar Brown—not sure if it's open but it's for rent

Of course the rents are absolutely crazy, which makes for high turnover. There aren't any cute, charming, local boutiques as in Sag Harbor or Montauk because shop owners can't afford the rent.

What do you think?