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A Bridgehampton 18th Century House with Modern Additions

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Details about this listing are frustratingly skimpy: much of the house, set on almost three acres south of the highway, is obviously c. 1800, with low ceilings and ancient beams. There's a "year round wing built in 2008," with a kitchen, great room, three bedrooms including master, and 2.5 baths. Then there's the original part: "summer use 2 story wing." Obviously that section is unheated: it boasts a dining room, living room, library, three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. (Which means you'd have to winterize them.) There's also a one bedroom cottage with two baths, a living room, bedroom and kitchen and a two-car garage. No pool or tennis, although there's obviously room. Asking price for all this is $8.2M, which seems like an ambitious ask, although the place is sui generis.

· 419 Pauls Lane Bridgehampton [Elliman]